La Lash Academy Sydney Training Courses

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Are you ready to start your new career? Or did your initial training leave you lacking in confidence and technical knowledge? Are you ready to become an expert in this field? Are you ready to have clients flock to you to receive a designer set of eyelash extensions? This is the beauty treatment that has taken the world by storm. What are you waiting for? Your future is in your hands! Let's get you started! 
My courses are intense, but don't worry. I will be on this journey with you, every step of the way. By the completion of my Introduction To Classic Eyelash Extensions Course, you will have a wealth of knowledge and technical skills to enter the wonderful world of eyelash extensions. 
When I first tip toed into this industry, my training was very basic. Yes I was taught the basic technical skill to complete a set of eyelash extensions, but I lacked confidence and in-depth knowledge of the science behind this art. My list of questions was endless. I was so thirsty for knowledge. The more I researched, the more I realised how much I still needed to learn. It was overwhelming and daunting.
In Australia, unfortunately our industry is unregulated. Since recently returning from my 5 yeas lashing Hollywood's elite, I have seen for myself this industry is heavily saturated by poor lash techs, which is usually a result of poor training. This is why I'm so passionate about the education and on going mentoring of each and everyone of my students. Cheap lash courses are cheap for a reason. If you want to be the best , you have to take the best, most comprehensive training available. 
I have invested thousands of dollars into my own, continuing education. I strive to be the best lash stylist I possibly can be. I have invested my heart and soul into designing these courses for you, so that you can enter this industry that I adore so much, but with a lot more confidence than I had when I first started.
These courses are intense, so get ready for not only advanced and in-depth theory, but one on one, step by step instruction from me. I have designed these courses so you will learn all you need to know, but without overwhelming you. If you want the absolute best start to your new career in the eyelash extension industry, or to advance and take your lashing to the next level, I would be honoured to be your educator, trainer and on-going mentor. 
I offer on-going and unlimited support to all of my students, not only during your course, but throughout your lash career. I personally believe it is so important that every single student always has access to their mentor when needed.
Each student, from the moment their course begins, gains a lifetime membership to my private support and mentoring La Lash Network. 
Your success is my reward.
I can't wait to start this journey with you!
Michelle Rowland
Master Eyelash Stylist & Educator