Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Into Your New Eyelash Career!

Have you been dreaming about becoming your own boss? It's all too daunting and scary, right? Absolutely! There are so many reasons why you should just stay all snuggly in that comfort zone of yours. I've been there too. All cozy and too scared to tip toe out into the world of change and personal growth.


I had not long moved to the other side of the world with my hubby and kids. We were trying our best to settle into our new adventure in Los Angeles, California. I ended up in a group of school mums that would get their eyelashes done every third Monday together, at one of their houses. I was immediately hooked!!! Well, instantly addicted is closer to the truth. Wow, what a difference those tiny little fibers of joy make to your confidence! As my addiction to lash extensions continued, I started thinking I would like to add this as an additional skill to my make up business, which i still hadn't started in my new country. Over the next few months I gave myself an endless list of reasons why I wouldn't be able to do lash extensions. I watched the LA mums, who were SO different from my laid back Aussie friends, tell our eyelash technician that she had missed putting extensions in the outer corners, missed an extension here....and here....and also here. This one is drooping down, this extension is up too high etc etc etc I thought over and over again that there was no way I could ever cope with doing eyelash extensions and diva antics. One perfect, happy, sunny Southern Californian day, I had a moment. A BIG moment. What if this wonderful American adventure we were on, 20 minutes from the bright lights of Hollywood, ended tomorrow? Would I happily slip back into my bridal make up business in Sydney? Would I be able to go back to doing the exact same thing after an overseas adventure and return home without any new skills? Would I regret not even trying to crack into the overcrowded make up business in Hollywood ? Would I be OK with the fact I didn't attend a single course or further my education in anyway? Oh my goodness, NO WAY!

I shifted my entire mindset. It was time to believe in myself. Of course I could do eyelash extensions! For 18 years I had worked with brides. I had dealt with hundreds of brides on their most highly strung, emotional day of their lives. I loved my wedding business so much that I cried having to give it up, to follow my hubby and his career to LA. I CAN do this! I WILL do this!! I signed up for my eyelash extension training course and the rest as they say, is history. I started off lashing up a school mum, who told a friend, who told an actress, who told her beauty editor friend, who told a director, who told a billionaire. Wait. What? Yep. This is all true. I've now worked on movie sets in Hollywood, signed confidentiality agreements when dealing with some of my billionaires, walked the red carpet with Priscilla Presley, been alone in a room with Pamela Anderson, had a giggle with Tabatha from Bewitched because she wouldn't wriggle her nose for me and had the loveliest of conversations with the kind hearted and gorgeous AnnaLynne McCord from Beverly Hills 90210. I have a truckload of wonderful career highlights...........all because I changed my way of thinking. I got uncomfortable, nervous and stressed. I pushed myself WAY outside of my comfort zone. Was it easy? Hell no! Whoops my American friends would prefer I write 'heck no!' But was it worth it? Absolutely!! A big, juicy YES!

So after 5 magical years in LA, I have just moved the fam bam back to Sydney, started my own eyelash extension business in Sydney's inner west and just launched my own eyelash extension training academy. La Lash Academy Sydney! Now I get to be the coach and personal cheerleader to my amazing students, each with their own stories and lash business journeys.

Here I am once again, way out of my comfort zone........how? Because you have just read my first ever blog post!! This was another thing I told myself for so long, that I couldn't do. Change the way you think and you will will change your world!!

If I can help you on your lash journey, feel free to email me at michelle@lalashacademysydney.com

If you would like to be added to my snuggly and positive mentoring group for all of your eyelash extension questions, send a facebook request to La Lash Network.

Thanks for reading!!

Michelle xx

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